Welcome to my blog

Welcome! I’m Lisa. Nice to meet ya. This blog is all about adventure. I’m an average girl, sharing my experiences and learnings in the world of kayaking, climbing and general adventuring. This page is still being developed and this is just a very very very very basic start so please be patient! I promise it will get better.

Latest blogs

3 types of fun in adventure

Since I started out on my adventuring journey, especially with my Canoe Club, we’ve always talked about there being 3 types of fun. Before the summer, most of my kayaking definitely sat in type 2 fun. I was shit scared whilst it was happening, sometimes in tears. But as soon as I got off, I’d…

What does adventure mean to me?

I’m sure there’s more but there are 4 things that stand out for me in answer to what adventure means to me. I asked on my Insta story the other day about what it means to you. And someone said being with friends too. I think that’s so true. Whilst these 4 things motivate me,…

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