What does adventure mean to me?

Seeing as this is all about adventure, I started thinking about what adventure actually means to me.  Or why I enjoy doing it.  What a question that is! I think it’s a very personal things and means something different to each and every one of us.

I’m sure there’s more but there are 4 things that stand out for me. I asked on my Insta story the other day about what it means to you. And someone said being with friends too. I think that’s so true. Whilst these 4 things motivate me, doing it with my friends makes it extra special.  Something doesn’t have to tick all these boxes. Just one will do! But all four is an added bonus.

Adventure for me is: 

Admiring the view after a huge sport multi-pitch in El Chorro, Spain.

#1 Getting outdoors

This is probably the most important one. I love being outdoors, in nature, surrounding by trees, rocks, water. 

My big smile after paddling the Dart loop on massive. I was soooo scared!

#2 Something that scares or excites me

Whilst I maybe get a bit too scared at times with my climbing and kayaking, I think it’s this that gives you the adrenaline rush. And eventually actually makes it addictive. 

One of my first attempts at a loop in my playboat

#3 Doing new things. Or things I can learn and grow in.

I love the feeling of progression. The feeling of being able to see or feel like I’m getting better. Sometimes it leads to frustration but there’s nothing better than finally cracking a route or a freestyle move. 

A bit of roof bouldering. My hands were wrecked after this!

#3 Physically challenging

I didn’t think about this one at first but actually I think it also plays a part in why I like adventure.  Feeling my just being pushed physically. And actually seeing myself get stronger in the process too. 

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